1390 West King Edward Avenue

1390 West King Edward Avenue

1390 West King Edward Avenue,
4 Unit MCD Development

Estimated permit: June 2020

Estimated completion: October 2021

This King Edward Avenue project is on a traditional single-family zoned lot. It is located in the highly desirable Shaughnessy neighbourhood of Vancouver, and is just up the street from the prestigious York House School. The house is a large pre-1940’s single-family residence that was an executive home when originally built. The site is a 70.5 foot by 150 foot residential lot located at the corner of West King Edward and Cartier Street, just outside of the 1st Shaughnessy District. The topography is generally level and represents ideal development conditions.

The proposal calls for the existing home to be rebuilt into 3 new strata units at the front of the property. In addition, a brand new +/- 2600 square foot unit will be constructed at the rear of the property with an entrance and address facing Cartier Street. Four separate stratified units will thus be created on what was formerly a single-family lot. Once again, this project provides a new level of access and affordability in a neighbourhood that is currently less accessible to residents due to the quality and current form of the existing homes. By maintaining the single-family character of the neighbourhood, we are increasing density and helping Vancouver to grow in a very positive way.