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Tycon Capital is one of Canadas’ leading real estate investment firms

Founded in 2014 and based in Vancouver, we are focused on investing in the lucrative local multifamily residential sector. We specialize in high yielding boutique projects in premium locations. Our goal is to create a positive economic impact for the local community and long-term value for our our investors.

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Vancouver consistently ranks among the world’s top five cities for livability and quality of life. Since first hitting the global stage with the hosting of the World Exposition back in 1986, investors from around the world have transformed what was formerly a sleepy city surrounded by ocean and mountains into one of the most dynamic and desirable metropolitan areas imaginable. This well deserved attention has provided a catalyst for investment in real estate, technology, the arts, and tourism.

Strong returns are being made in Vancouver real estate by staying ahead of the investment curve. Astute investors know that to achieve exceptional results one must see what others do not. Li Ka-Shing had this vision when he investedi n the brownfield lands around the commercial area of False Creek.

Through his vision, investment acumen, and hard work, the area has been transformed into a thriving community of over 20,000 units as a template for other projects worldwide. In Vancouver, the redevelopment of pre1940s character homes through the multiple conversion dwelling (MCD) and heritage revitalization agreement (HRA) bylaws represents the next wave of high-yield real estate investment in British Columbia.

Tycon Capital offers a scalable real estate investment opportunity focuses on the sustainable development of character retention projects in Vancouver. Tycon Capital wisely uses the HRA and MCD bylaws to provide sound investment returns by adding value to our city through retention and densification of single-family neighbourhoods. The current socioeconomic climate in Vancouver encourages this unique development opportunity. The preservation of the city’s unique qualities, expected lifestyle, and recognition of the natural environment are issues that complement and propel pure economic drivers.

Land reserves in Vancouver for residential, commercial, and industrial development are shrinking. Because the city is intent on protecting existing land from commercial activity, the next wave of investment profits will be earned via the retention and densification of the city’s current housing mix. This strategy aligns perfectly with the objectives of the local community and government. Single-family lots represent the largest class of untapped land in the city. At the current price per buildable square foot, they also offer the highest rate of annual return when compared to other available real estate opportunities.

Our projects decrease investment risk while increasing the effective yield by allowing investors to roll forward potential returns as new sites are acquired. We target similar and higher rates of return than large multifamily sites with shorter development timelines. The cycle from project conception to completion is only 36 months: design and acquisition is 3-6 months, followed by 11-15 months for permitting, with construction fully completed in another 11-15 months. This package serves as a showcase to explain our proven system and the expert team that continues to achieve these superior results.

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Why us?

Financial security

We invest in all our projects, so rest assured we have “skin in the game”, our interests are aligned with those of our investors. We conduct business in a transparent manner and work closely with the relevant governing bodies to ensure our investors’ security and peace of mind. Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our client’s capital.

Positive impact

Our team is made up of extraordinary people who share the united goal of driving economic growth and making a positive impact in the world. Our people are highly skilled problem solvers and communicators with advanced expertise in strategy execution.

Strategic partnerships

We have forged ties with some of Vancouver’s most prominent developers. These relationships allow us insight and access to multiple prime location properties and land assets at the predevelopment and groundbreaking stages when capital is required for land purchase or construction. Our partners share the same values of integrity, transparency and respect and a strong belief in the philosophy that our mission is to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors and the communities we invest in.

Track record

Over the past six years the projects that Tycon Capitals’ founders invested in have yielded annual returns of between 19.3 % and 37.6 %.

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JC Tycon Developments for their signature look, as we take traditional Craftsman, Georgian and Victorian exteriors to a higher level, reimagining them with modern or transitional open plan concept interiors right for today’s homeowners and families.